Ian McCredie

Ian McCredie joined Olive Group as a Senior Advisor in 2013. He previously served seven years as Vice President, Corporate Security, Royal Dutch Shell.

He was accountable to the CEO for security risk management and resilience for Shell’s operations, personnel, assets, merchant fleet, confidential information and reputation in over 100 countries. This included managing risks in the most challenging environments arising from organised crime, terrorism, information theft and espionage, information assurance, wars, coups, revolutions and militant activism.

He was also global head of security crisis response (kidnapping & extortion, major incidents, country evacuations, piracy), executive protection and senior advisor to the CEO and Executive Board on strategic security issues. Prior to his time with Shell, he was a member of the British Foreign Service serving in Zambia, Iran, Denmark, many Middle Eastern countries, the UK Mission to the UN in New York (as a member of the UN Security Council) and Washington DC as senior coordinator between UK & US intelligence agencies - with particular focus on the response to 9/11.

Ian is Director Business Solutions at OMNIS Inc., and Chief Executive of the Forbes Research Group Inc.