Crisis Management & Evacuation Briefing in Madrid

Olive Group Hosts Crisis Management & Evacuation Briefing in Madrid Olive Group, a Constellis company and industry leader in crisis management, communications and response, delivered a series of briefings on September 22 in Madrid, Spain. The event reviewed the risk and threats to operating successfully on a global basis with focus on the Middle East and North Africa. Attendees were briefed on ‘Best Practice’ crisis management preparedness; factors and issues to consider when managing an evacuation; and responding to kidnap incidents. During the course of the afternoon, attendees were coached through a decision making desk top exercise based on kidnap.

Olive Group was also joined by Stephen Quinton, Business Unit Head of Accident and Special Risks, and Bruno Schuoler, Global Head of Special Risks, of Traveler’s Insurance. Stephen and Bruno consulted attendees on the various insurance products which can assist companies operating in hostile and challenging environments to mitigate the costs of responding to events that can impact personnel, assets and operations.

Olive Group’s senior risk experts shared exclusive insight with the Spanish industry’s leading risk managers, heads of HR, and security directors. Richard Clark, Vice President of North and East Africa; Mark Harris, Vice President Crisis Response; and Beatriz Sanchez-Garrido, Senior Analyst with Olive Group’s Information Department, delivered the briefings and facilitated the exercises which gave attendees a deeper understanding into: • maintaining a resilient and dynamic security posture and mitigating emerging threats and risks while operating in the Middle East, North Africa and other regions confronted with fluid security environments. • the requirements of a robust and responsive crisis management system and the factors and issues to take into consideration when resolving complicated kidnap situations. • our best practice guidelines and blueprint for emergency evacuation planning. Olive Group’s risk experts coached attendees through a critical decision-making desktop exercise based on a kidnap in Mexico.

The event was held at Casamerica in the center of Madrid and was well-attended. Comments from attendees indicated the event was well received with many commenting they were looking forward to the next one. Over lunch and during coffee breaks, attendees had the chance to exchange fresh ideas and new perspectives with other top risk and security professionals.

About Olive Group

Olive Group specializes in providing tailored workshops to clients around the globe to rehearse and train clients’ crisis and incident management teams in the successful resolution of incidents that could impact their operations. With over a decade of experience operating in around the world, Olive Group maintains an intimidate knowledge of the regional economies, communities and cultures while delivering a vast resource capability and local partner network unmatched by any other. From aviation security, risk management and life support to protective services, security consultancy and capacity development, Olive Group offers a wide range of capability to help clients operate safely and efficiently no matter where they are in the world.