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Kidnap & Ransom Update May 17, 2008


1. (MEXICO, 17/05/18) Kidnapped Colombian murdered on main highway in capital
Two Colombian nationals were kidnapped by an armed group from inside a restaurant and taken away in two separate vehicles. Witnessing the incident, police pursed the criminals and managed to intercept one of the cars, rescuing one of the victims. However, the other victim was shot dead inside the vehicle transporting him, which was left abandoned in the middle of one of Mexico City’s main roads. The motives behind the kidnappings are still unclear. FULL ARTICLE (1)


2. (UKRAINE, 15/05/18) Kidnappers arrested in Kiev, victim recovered
Kiev police detained two Donetsk residents who abducted a businessman and demanded USD 50,000 in ransom for his release. The victim’s wife reported the incident after receiving the ransom call. With the intervention of the Special Forces, the businessman was released the next day and his captors arrested. Law enforcers are investigating into the possible involvement of other persons in the event. FULL ARTICLE (1)

3. (SPAIN, 16/05/18) Tow Italians arrested for kidnapping of Bolivian man
The Spanish Civil Guard arrested two Italian nationals for their involvement in the kidnapping of a Bolivian citizen in the Valencian municipality of Canals. The arrest took place after the victim reported the incident. During the security operations leading to the arrests, police seized a number of firearms, a large amount of ammunition of different calibers, as well as bladed arms and different types of narcotic substances. No more details were made available. FULL ARTICLE</p>


4. (DRC, 15/05/18) Park suspends tourism after kidnapping of foreign nationals
The management of the Virunga Park announced on 15 May that it has temporarily halted tourist activities in the park after the murder of a guard and the kidnapping of two British holidaymakers on 11 May. The ban will remain in place until 4 June. FULL ARTICLE

5. (NIGERIA, 17/05/18) Foreign national abducted, policemen killed in Sokoto
On 16 May, gunmen opened fire and killed three policemen on guard at a construction site in a village in the Bodinga area of the northern state of Sokoto, also kidnapping a number of foreign workers. Reporting on the incident remains sketchy at the moment. Some sources have stated the kidnap victim was a Syrian national who was working as manager at the construction site. Meanwhile, other sources claim the victims were a number of Chinese expatriates. In both cases it is stated that the alleged victim(s) were employees of construction firm Triacta Nigeria Limited, which is handling the Sokoto-Jega-Koko federal road project. Local sources said the four gunmen, believe to be seeking a ransom, are yet to make any contact. FULL ARTICLE (1) (2)


6. (PHILIPPINES, 16/05/18) Abu Sayyaf frees two cops abducted in Sulu
The Abu Sayyaf has released two female police officers it had abducted in Patikul on 29 April. The victims were released separately. One of them was released on 15 May afternoon, while the other was let go until the morning of the next day. The Abu Sayyaf had earlier demanded P5 million (USD 95,500) as ransom for the two cops and P300,000 (USD 5,700) for each of their companions. The Philippine authorities did not elaborate on the conditions of their release. It was only mentioned that operations were underway for the rescue of other 10 hostages believed to be held by the same Abu Sayyaf unit. Remaining hostages are said to include a Dutch national, a Vietnamese, three Indonesians and five Filipinos. FULL ARTICLE