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Risk Management & Crisis Response

Global Reach with Local Expertise

Constellis provides risk management and advisory services to facilitate our customers’ business operations and support their decision-making and project-planning processes. We assist customers in preparing for and responding to crisis events that could jeopardize the safety of their personnel, assets and reputation. Constellis’ expert advisory team comprises the premier thought leaders of our industry, former global heads of security for multinational corporations, former diplomats, and the most accomplished and practiced military, law enforcement and intelligence professionals in the field today. Our globally dispersed consultants combine their in-depth experience with local expertise – offering our customers unlimited reach into a vast partner network with local connectivity.

Every service Constellis provides is tailored to address the specific risks facing our customers, and when combined with our cost-effective pricing and quality of delivery, represents a truly unique capability unmatched by any other. Our risk management solutions include:

Our investigative services uses its nationwide network of over 1,800 investigators to perform full national security background investigations for candidates seeking or maintaining government security clearance for federal, civil, intelligence, defense, and law enforcement customers.

As the most diversified provider of investigations to the government, we use the latest advancements in information-gathering technologies to ensure a complete analysis of each individual seeking security clearance.

Constellis is the first investigative service provider to incorporate social media checks and electronic fingerprinting into an investigation. We also designed the prototype for electronic receipt and delivery of federal government investigations. We are the only investigative service provider currently conducting overseas investigations.

Constellis will never compromise on the integrity and quality of our investigative services. We constantly evaluate our team and our practices to maintain our position as the industry leader.

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At Constellis, we believe that accurate, timely information is an essential component to any risk management program. Our insight and analysis advisory services integrate strategic understanding with local and ground-truth knowledge, enabling effective decision making for our customers in relation to existing operations or future investments. Our insight and analysis team draws on a large network of resources to deliver social, economic, political and security intelligence to our customers through bespoke reporting services. Adapted to answer our customers’ specific questions or information requirements, we deliver our reporting as a single insight paper or as part of an ongoing subscription-based service. Our current subscription-based services include daily, weekly and monthly geographic reports and specific subject matter reports including aviation security, maritime security and kidnap for ransom insights delivered through our web portal, hard copy or analyst-led verbal briefings.

  • Market entry analysis & reporting
  • Security threat assessments
  • Geographical risk analysis & reporting
  • Kidnap for ransom analysis & reporting
  • Special assignments
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Constellis delivers targeted and adaptable crisis management, communications and response solutions built around our foremost priority—your safety and security. With a collective track record that includes the resolution of more than 800 international cases, Constellis’ crisis response consultants are well-versed in providing preventative, preparatory and post-incident specialist support to corporate, government, non-governmental and high net worth individuals. Our dedicated consultants are pre-deployed across the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia to provide rapid response where it is required. We offer a turnkey solution that comprises training, planning, response and recovery services in regard to a wide ranges of crisis events:

Each of our customers receive a 24/7 crisis telephone hotline; dedicated analytical support to crisis situations; pre-incident advisory services including consultancy, planning templates and guidelines; and continuous access to our team of expert crisis responders. Response services are managed through our Global Operations and Communications Center (GOCC) and supported through our network of international offices and field-based programs.

  • Crisis management planning
  • Crisis simulation & training
  • 24/7 monitoring & reporting
  • Real-time crisis response services
  • Cyber security & breach response
  • Post-crisis recovery services
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Organizations face numerous risks when operating in diverse, complex environments often subject to threats and hazards such as elevated crime, weak rule of law, terrorism, pandemics and natural disasters. Using the international risk management standard ISO 31000 as our guide, we assist customers in quantifying risk; developing policies, processes, and procedures to evaluate and manage risk in addition to strengthening their organizational frameworks, management tools, training programs and operating procedures.

Constellis has supported many boards and management teams in reviewing their existing risk management and governance systems and building upon these findings to design and implement programs to manage risk and to provide assurance to key stakeholders. We aid our customers with developing policy and security standards, the design of the security organization, definition of security processes and the technical and physical measures required to support global and local programs. Our embedded advisory and management services provide ongoing support to ensure these changes are implemented effectively and deliver the full capabilities of Constellis through an embedded expert within the customer organization.

  • Risk assessments
  • Gap analysis
  • Security reviews & post incident reviews
  • Security strategies, plans & management systems
  • Embedded advisors
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Constellis delivers security systems and master planning services for major construction and redevelopment projects with a full range of physical, technical and procedural security controls to protect against or respond to identified risks and emergency scenarios. Our comprehensive solution is comprised of security and emergency planning, systems design and program management services for critical national infrastructure such as ports, airports, roads, railways, communications, power generation and water supplies as well as oil and gas infrastructure to include productions sites, pipelines and refineries, local authorities, government facilities and the hospitality and leisure sectors.

We start with a security risk assessment to help design the optimum security system for integration into the master plan. The master security plan will define the parameters for policies, standards, processes, procedures, the design of the security organization, physical security measures and high-level technical security requirements. Upon completion of creating a master plan, we work with our customers to produce the technical security system user requirements, conceptual and detailed security systems designs, and the appropriate documentation to support procurement processes. Additionally, Constellis delivers program management services during the implementation phases including procurement support, site inspections and acceptance testing to ensure the successful design and delivery of the technical and physical security programs end-to-end continuity for our customers and minimal risk.

Lastly, our turnkey, managed security services include the outsourced provision of all personnel, technical security and communications equipment, service support, training requirements and the required Command, Control and Communications (C3) facilities. This can be delivered through various commercial and operational models including Build Operate Transfer (BOT).

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We help our customers understand, reduce and manage the full spectrum of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) risks and effectively prepare for managing emergency situations. Our services have been delivered to some of the world’s largest organizations, helping them create tangible improvements to their own safety performance in challenging geographies and conditions. Furthermore, our crisis management and training capabilities help our customers plan for contingencies and develop the skills, knowledge and behaviors required for sustaining safety performance.

  • HSE risk & baseline assessments
  • Site inspections, process safety audits & cultural reviews
  • Provision of embedded HSE project managers, advisors & site-based supervisors
  • Safety management systems reviews
  • Journey management solutions including safe driver & vehicles integrated with In Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS)
  • Workforce development & skills training
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We recognize the increasing complexity our customers face when conducting global business, often in countries with unstable justice institutions, higher levels of corruption and complex political and economic dynamics. Through our due diligence services, we afford customers the necessary and objective insight to answer challenging questions relating to investment decisions, potential partners and vendors and other sensitive matters. We enable our customers to make effective business decisions with clarity and confidence by thoroughly vetting all opportunities and weighing them against a full spectrum of potential risks.

  • Partner due diligence
  • Investment due diligence
  • Environmental & opinion landscaping
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From kidnap and ransom (K&R) response and evacuations to threat reduction and special operations missions, Constellis has considerable experience supporting overseas contingency operations in support of national security objectives, counter-terrorism and humanitarian efforts around the world.

With strong operational experience, robust program management skills, rapid response capabilities, and a global network of local partners and expertise, Constellis aids critical mission and humanitarian objectives worldwide. Our contingency support services include evacuation assistance; weapons removal and remediation; counter-narcotics; risk assessments; aviation services and maintenance; logistics and supply chain management as well as program management and back-office support. Additionally, we offer a turnkey solution that comprises training, planning, response and recovery services in regard to a wide ranges of crisis events. Response services are managed through our Global Operations and Communications Center (GOCC) and supported through our network of international offices and field-based programs.

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