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Protective Security

Mitigating Risk with Elite Personnel & Innovative Technology

Constellis is a trusted and experienced provider of security services in high-risk environments, remote areas and emerging markets in support of land-based, aviation, maritime and cyber operations. We deliver quality-driven, professional services to safeguard personnel, infrastructure and other valuable assets and investments. Recognized for our unique ability to successfully operate multi-faceted security programs while delivering unparalleled customer service, our goal is to facilitate customer operations—supporting our customers to ensure business continuity and achieve their organizational objectives.

Constellis has invested considerably in the quality and safety of our operations to reflect the standards expected of us by our customers. Our professionally trained, protective security specialists are experts in counterterrorism, special operations, training, weapons, explosives, security strategy and analysis, medical preparedness and high-risk crisis operations. They are capable of detecting, deterring and responding to a wide variety of security challenges in accordance with local, international and human rights laws, and are governed by dedicated country management teams and in-house quality management systems. Constellis entities are (Private Security Company Standard) PSC.1 certified and continue to maintain a longstanding commitment of adhering to, and living by, the principles of the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers (ICoC).

Our intelligence-led convoy escort teams, private security details and fixed-site security forces are monitored 24/7 by our Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) using a tracking and monitoring software technology that is supported by our extensive global infrastructure. Our teams include close protection qualified team medics that are trained and equipped to medical standards specified by our customers.


Constellis provides fixed-site and mobile security services to safeguard personnel, facilities, critical infrastructure, and other valuable assets. These integrated security solutions range from uniformed guard services to high threat protective services for government, commercial and nongovernmental customers.

Fixed-Site Security

  • Armed & unarmed posts
  • Emergency response teams
  • Access control & entry control points
  • Guard-force training
  • Integrated explosive detection dogs
  • On-site security development training
  • Guard force training
  • Security management
  • Quick reaction forces
  • Reporting procedures
  • Roving & escort operations
  • Surveillance & counter-surveillance detection programs
  • Tactical operations center
  • Translators, interpreters & screeners
  • Command, Control, Communications. Computer and Intelligence (C4I) facilities

Mobile Security

  • Armored vehicles with communication systems
  • Communication plans
  • Convoys
  • Counter assault teams
  • Emergency action plans
  • Executive motorcades
  • Personal security details
  • Point-to-point deliveries
  • Quick reaction forces
  • Reporting procedures
  • Tactical operations center
  • Command, Control, Communications, Computer & Intelligence (C4I) services
  • Provision of trained drivers, vehicles & tracking systems in support of journey management
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Constellis is world-renowned for our provision of high-threat protective services in austere, complex environments. With decades of experience serving with the world’s most elite counter-terrorism, special operation units, our high-risk protective specialists are continually recognized for their commitment to performance and professionalism.

  • Escorts, close personal protection & executive (VIP) protection
  • Provision of armored or soft-skin vehicles to an appropriate specification
  • Route & venue reconnaissance & clearance
  • Security advance, counter-attack & counter-surveillance teams
  • Threat & risk assessments & near-real time security incident alerting provided by our Dubai-based Global Security Operations Center (GSOC)
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In today’s unpredictable, sometimes volatile world, safeguarding personnel, critical infrastructure and intellectual property, both at home and abroad, is paramount. The leading provider of integrated security solutions worldwide, Constellis has decades of experience managing protective force operations for governments and multinational corporations. Our critical infrastructure security service-offering comprises a full range of integrated security services to include risk management, customized security program development, physical and technical security program operations, command center operations, K-9 and EOD support, security training and compliance, security program consulting as well as critical incident command and control.

With former military and law enforcement backgrounds, Constellis employs highly-trained specialists who are experts in counterterrorism, special operations, training, weapons, explosives, security strategy and analysis, medical preparedness and high-risk crisis operations. They have developed and implemented comprehensive, field-tested procedures for assessing and reducing risk at numerous sites including U.S. Department of Energy facilities, nuclear facilities, oil and mining infrastructure, data centers, corporate sites as well as critical municipal infrastructure and utilities.

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Constellis provides streamlined aviation risk management solutions that enhance the safety, security and efficiency of airports and airlines. We have extensive experience designing, implementing and managing complex security systems and airport operations to safeguard airports, avoid gridlock, and improve cross-border transportation. Constellis works closely with developers and operators on major integrations, terminal expansions and transformation initiatives for some of the world’s busiest and most prestigious airports. We provide expertise across all stages of airport development and operation, including master planning; construction and design; ORAT; operations; facilities management design; and the provision of aviation security training.

  • Security master planning
  • Threat & risk assessment
  • Operational security audits & studies
  • Operations & flow planning
  • Airport security design
  • Advanced security technologies and platforms
  • Baggage & screening solutions
  • Passenger & staff identity solutions
  • Operational Readiness & Airport Transfer (ORAT)
  • Airport security management
  • Aviation protective services
  • Aviation security training
  • Systems maintenance
  • Facilities management
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Modern day piracy and other ongoing threats made by terrorist and criminal organizations present complex security challenges for many of our maritime customers. From risk assessments to Command, Control, Communications Computer and Intelligence (C4I), Constellis offers a full range of comprehensive maritime security services to assist our customers in managing risk and safeguarding their personnel, critical infrastructure and operations. Well-versed in how to navigate the regulatory standards and intricacies associated with the security of maritime assets and activities, our experience includes compliance assessment programs, simulated penetration testing of offshore facilities and the provision of consultancy services.

  • Personnel, vessels, equipment & Command, Control, Communications, Computer and Intelligence (C4I)
  • Simulated penetration testing of facilities
  • Protective security & security management for onshore, offshore and transit requirements
  • ISPS compliance reviews & remediation programs
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Constellis provides a comprehensive set of assessment, planning and training services that can be tailored to meet the security requirements of any organization. We provide thorough risk assessments to identify physical and operational vulnerabilities, and then develop integrated security programs with detailed contingency plans. Our specialists focus on helping to reduce risk from an “all hazards” perspective—analyzing your security conditions from multiple angles. Additionally, we offer continuous assessment, customized training and work closely with our customers to allocate appropriate security resources.

  • Security audits & evaluations
  • Security & vulnerability analysis
  • Operational security planning
  • Security program implementation
  • Evaluation & testing
  • Adversary threat analysis
  • Red team operations
  • Red team/adversary training
  • Insider threat training
  • Active shooter
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Whether we are building a complex network of CCTV systems throughout a city or a fully networked operations center for deployment in Iraq, Constellis provides a broad range of technical systems and integrated program support to help customers sustain business operations in complex environments. From concept development to operational maintenance, our goal is to optimize the effectiveness of our customers’ technical operations, processes and projects. Customers can take advantage of our video surveillance systems, data center design and construction and custom technology integration services.

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Our cyber security offering provides both advice and support on computer forensics, data security and technical surveillance. Additionally, we supplement our services with systems audits and penetration testing to check IT resilience to an attack.

Our training provides the awareness and required knowledge to bridge that gap in an easy-to-understand and professional manner. To promote familiarity with computer evidence, we design workshops for judges and lawyers, police, fraud investigators, corporate managers, IT managers and staff.

  • Computer forensics & information security
  • Training & awareness workshops
  • Attack & penetration testing
  • Application security testing
  • Cyber incident response
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Constellis’ Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) solutions are helping our customers gain a new perspective by taking their mission-critical capabilities to new heights of success. With project experience ranging from aerial mapping and geospatial surveying to maritime surveillance and threat analysis, Constellis provides UAS support for government and commercial customers including deployed field service representatives and operators; full operations and maintenance services; and systems ground control equipment. Our teams have operated in more than 20 land-and sea-based sites on multiple UAS platforms in support of our customers’ missions. We design tailored solutions for our customers that identify the appropriate platforms, sensors, control systems, operators, training, and logistics that meet their individual needs in any environment.

UAS Applications:

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In addition to our fully-integrated life support solutions, we complement our security capabilities and programs with additional logistics and insight services to facilitate our customers’ operations. As our customer, you will receive threat event warnings, local intelligence and context to security incidents, information on your security posture and response plans. Furthermore, all our support services are specifically tailored to the meet your unique business needs.

  • Program oversight
  • On-the-ground intelligence
  • Community engagement plans
  • Translators, interpreters & screeners
  • Badging procedures
  • Embedded staff
  • Tactical operations center
  • Emergency action plans
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