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Implementing innovative expertise, next generation technology platforms

From real-time tracking software, social intelligence investigative techniques to systems integration and unmanned aircraft operations, Constellis’ technology services are designed to protect critical infrastructure, optimize asset management and improve performance enterprise-wide.

Constellis utilizes tracking and monitoring technology to provide customers with a real-time tracking, incident response and an asset management suite for any static or mobile asset deployed globally. Our goal is to ensure duty of care and to save lives. Our security operating picture interface and In Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) allows a rendering of immediate threat updates and other critical information—enabling safe journey management. We offer a complete and unique outsourced security management capability and fully integrated tracking with immediate information, alerting and ground security. This technology also provides various levels of monitoring in our 24/7 Global Security Operation Center (GSOC), operated by trained HSSE (Health, Safety, Security & Environment) experts well-versed in crisis/emergency management with broad linguistic bases in English, Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, Urdu, French and Spanish.

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Constellis' Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) is our state-of-the-art C4I (Command, Control, Communication, Computers & Intelligence) platform. Manned by highly trained multi-national operational specialists, speaking a variety of languages and operational 24/7, the GSOC can be used by customers as a 'nerve center' for their operations as well as a best practice blueprint in the build, operation and maintenance of our customers' in-house C4I platforms.

The GSOC specialists provide primary and secondary monitoring through our tracking software to global devices. They follow strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) on receipt of any panic, geo fence or speeding notifications. Primary monitoring assumes first line response for any panic/emergency alarm notifications and secondary monitoring ensures that the primary monitoring site is contacted and that they have registered and taken appropriate action as per the SOPs for that customer/device.

Key Business Models and areas of expertise integrated into the GSOC include:

  • Travel Management
    Rearrangement of customers' travel itineraries in the event of security incidents
  • Journey Management
    In Vehicle Monitoring Systems for safe journey management
  • BMS
    Building management systems monitoring
  • CCTV
    Remote monitoring and motion detector surveillance.
  • Telecommunications
    Numerous technologies, including set up, operations and maintenance
  • Tactical Information
    Access to our Insight team for threat and risk analysis
  • SOPs
    Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Geospatial Mapping
    Security Operating Pictures, plotted on overlays built on open standards Geographic Information System (GIS) language
  • Multi-sensor Monitoring and Visualization
    A range of sensor inputs and necessary data fusion to provide a situational awareness picture for informed decision making and command and control. With industry partners GSOC brings together information from ground based radar, fiber optic sensing, unattended ground sensors and aerial surveillance systems.
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Our Social Intelligence Solutions leads the industry in Publicly Available Social Media Information serving government agencies and contractors. Our proprietary technology and analytics platform is built with a recognized identity resolution algorithm and is configurable to meet a number of different mission needs.

Using our proprietary web content search technology and trained Social Media Analysts, our in-depth investigations are tailored to the specific needs of government agencies. Analysts use data from publicly available social media sites to compile comprehensive reports on a Subject’s online presence.

Relevant information is highlighted and flagged in the report to indicate the potential need for further investigation. Detailed search information includes:

  • Site category
  • Identity resolution data elements
  • Date and time posted
  • Description of relevance

The Social Intelligence Solutions Continuous Evaluation platform leverages our proprietary search engine technology to analyze web-based data on individuals, providing risk assessments and alerts. The platform automates continuous risk scoring by applying customized algorithms built on the application of key words, phrases, site lists, and other data elements.

Custom-tailored and mission specific alerts that are relevant to the National Security Adjudicative Guidelines enable users to act quickly when risk-indicative behavior is captured, ensuring up-to date notification of relevant social media data and publicly available online content. Alerts are reviewed for identity and risk accuracy to ensure our customers only receive those that are relevant to program criteria.

Our Social Media Continuous Evalation Analysts ensure that each investigation adheres to the privacy and civil liberty standards according to the SEAD 5 Social Media Policy, as well as federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

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Constellis is an authorized FBI/CJIS Electronic Fingerprint Channeler. We have the personnel, infrastructure, and resources in place to provide full nationwide support to the fingerprint channeling needs of the FBI National Noncriminal Justice Fingerprint Submission Program.

  • FBI approved fingerprint channeler
  • Dedicated mobile biometric collection team uses Live Scan equipment
  • Quick turnaround time for Criminal Record Information (CHRI)
  • Ability to convert hard copy fingerprints to digital format
  • Integrate fingerprint collection into thorough background investigations for a wide variety of Government agencies

Constellis deploys mobile teams to collect fingerprints nationally. As an authorized FBI fingerprint channeler, we are one of only a handful of nationally recognized background investigation firms that can transmit the fingerprints directly to the FBI Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division, who conducts a check of the FBI’s national criminal history record system and returns the results electronically within 24 hours (current average response time is 1 hour).

Our team of experienced Investigators and dedicated biometric collection professionals are equipped with laptops and FBI approved digital Live Scan machines, which are programmed to also convert hard copy fingerprints to digital format for submission to the FBI.

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Constellis’ Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) solutions are helping our customers gain a new perspective by taking their mission-critical capabilities to new heights of success. With project experience ranging from aerial mapping and geospatial surveying to maritime surveillance and threat analysis, Constellis provides UAS support for government and commercial customers including deployed field service representatives and operators; full operations and maintenance services; and systems ground control equipment. Our teams have operated in more than 20 land-and sea-based sites on multiple UAS platforms in support of our customers’ missions. We design tailored solutions for our customers that identify the appropriate platforms, sensors, control systems, operators, training, and logistics that meet their individual needs in any environment.

UAS Applications:

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Our cyber security offering provides both advice and support on computer forensics, data security and technical surveillance. Additionally, we supplement our services with systems audits and penetration testing to check IT resilience to an attack.

Our training provides the awareness and required knowledge to bridge that gap in an easy-to-understand and professional manner. To promote familiarity with computer evidence, we design workshops for judges and lawyers, police, fraud investigators, corporate managers, IT managers and staff.

  • Computer forensics & information security
  • Training & awareness workshops
  • Attack & penetration testing
  • Application security testing
  • Cyber incident response
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Whether we are building a complex network of CCTV systems throughout a city or a fully networked operations center for deployment in Iraq, Constellis provides a broad range of technical systems and integrated program support to help customers sustain business operations in complex environments. From concept development to operational maintenance, our goal is to optimize the effectiveness of our customers’ technical operations, processes and projects. Customers can take advantage of our video surveillance systems, data center design and construction and custom technology integration services.

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