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Now Hiring Support Services for Upcoming Project in Greensboro, NC

Now Hiring Support Services for an Upcoming Project in Greensboro, North Carolina

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Centerra, a Constellis company, is actively seeking the following positions supporting a government contract with the Department of Health and Human Services providing facilities operations and maintenance services. These roles are integral towards providing a safe, regulated environment for undocumented children geared toward reunification.

View the positions below and apply now!

All positions are located in Greensboro, NC.

Security Supervisor


  • Supervises Physical Security & Safety Section comprised of guards and EMS staff
  • Establishes and maintains staffing levels and security shift schedules
  • Enforces work standards; ensures all security inspections are performed; immediately reports any security issues or incidents to Program Coordinator

Security Guard


  • Under the direction of the Security Supervisor, maintains facility security and safety
  • Stands guard at facility access/egress points; operates access control equipment
  • Performs roving inspections of buildings, grounds, and facility perimeter per approved schedule; interacts with staff, visitors, and vendors as required

IT Specialist Supervisor


  • Manages and supervises the IT Section, schedules, and staff
  • Manages setup and maintenance of IT and technically-related systems and equipment
  • Establishes processes to maintain a stable network environment

Quality Manager


  • Oversees implementation of Centerra Quality Management Systems (QMS)
  • Prepares and maintains project QCP; manages development of Key Performance Indicators
  • Conducts scheduled and unscheduled audits and inspections

Assistant Program Coordinator


  • Assists the PC with managing project cost, schedule, technical performance, change management, and reporting
  • Alternate POC for the CO and COR during absence of the PC
  • Ensures collaborative, integrated measures implemented amongst the Service Areas

Dining Hall Lead  


  • Supervises dining hall operations during meal service
  • Ensures tray, beverage, condiment, napkin, and utensil dispensers are filled
  • Ensures tables and chairs are properly spaced, cleaned, and sanitized
  • Inspects dining hall staff prior service to verify compliance with hygiene standards

Head Chef


  • Has overall responsibility for planning (menus) and preparing approved meals and providing meal service; supervises Lead Chefs; enforces hygiene standards
  • Reviews and approves shift staffing and schedules
  • Reviews/approves food requisitions prior to submittal to the Food Services Supervisor

Lead Chef 


  • Manages shift staffing
  • Serves as Shift Lead for preparing approved meals and providing meal service
  • Inspects staff prior to meal service to verify compliance with hygiene standards

Custodian & Sanitation Supervisor


  • Supervises custodial staff and operations; ensures adequate cleaning supply inventory
  • Develops and maintains cleaning schedules (i.e., daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) per PWS requirements; inspects work areas, work in progress, and work completed.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.



  • Dusts/cleans dorm rooms, bathrooms, offices, dining areas, common areas, drinking fountains, etc., per approved schedule
  • Performs floor care including vacuuming, damp mopping, buffing, waxing, stripping
  • Replenishes bathroom and sanitation supplies; disinfects “high-touch” surfaces

Food Service Worker 


  • Performs practical-skilled functions in the kitchen and dining areas such as food preparation, food serving, and spot cleaning tables during meal service
  • Performs operator maintenance of kitchen equipment
  • Assists chefs; maintains food temperatures according to safety regulations

Additional positions are added daily – please check our main Careers page for more Constellis job opportunities.